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Our goal to stop 1 million pounds of harmful waste from hitting our planet.

Conscience Concept's milestone tracker to replace 1 million pounds of waste with eco friendly, sustainable, compostable product alternatives

Goals. We have set the goal of eliminating 1 million pounds of harmful waste from polluting our planet by September 2021. That's 1 million pounds of trash not hitting our oceans, landfills and atmosphere.

Humans generate waste, it's inevitable. The type of waste we create and how we treat that waste is where we can make a big difference on our planet. Producers and consumers share a collaborative role in keeping our planet clean. Producers need to responsibly source and create competitive eco-friendly products, while consumers have to select those products in the marketplace.

We are identifying toxic products in the marketplace and providing the market with green alternatives. Our goal by 2021 is to remove and replace 1 million pounds (lbs) of these toxic products that enter landfills & combustion treatment with natural and recycled alternatives.

We will be launching new products monthly as we progress to the 1 million pound milestone.


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