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Here's how we utilize the EPA's sustainable materials management program

Hierarchy displaying the steps taken to product eco friendly and sustainable products

The sustainable materials program you see on this page is our core guidance when deciding which products to offer our customers. We strive to align all of our products within the first step of this pyramid: source reduction & reuse. In certain circumstances if step one is impossible to achieve, our products will fall under recycling and composting. Under no circumstance will we ever bring to market a product that falls lower than steps 1 & 2 on this hierarchy.

How do we do this? It's simple, in just a few steps we sort of reverse engineer nature.

First, we do tons of research on sourcing the most sustainable & energy conserving materials available. Such materials would be cork, palm, bamboo, recycled metals, etc.

Second, we figure out what we can make with these great materials utilizing a low carbon process. Since our aim is to replace harmful products with eco-friendly alternatives, we also make sure there is currently a market for these items utilizing toxic materials.

Third, we reevaluate our finished product to ensure it meets the standards we originally set out for. If everything looks good, we send it to market and allow you to shop with a clean conscience.

What exactly does source reduction & reuse mean?

"Source reduction, also known as waste prevention, means reducing waste at the source, and is the most environmentally preferred strategy. It can take many different forms, including reusing or donating items, buying in bulk, reducing packaging, redesigning products, and reducing toxicity [...] Purchasing products that incorporate these features supports source reduction." -

Source reduction is our main driver when developing our product lines. While the best option for a consumer is to avoid buying single use items, we realize this isn't always possible or realistic. That's why we produce 100% natural, zero waste and compostable single use items, such as our areca palm plates.

What about recycling & composting?

"Recycling is a series of activities that includes collecting used, reused, or unused items that would otherwise be considered waste; sorting and processing the recyclable products into raw materials; and remanufacturing the recycled raw materials into new products. Consumers provide the last link in recycling by purchasing products made from recycled content." -

By utilizing reused or recycled materials in our products that would otherwise go to waste treatment centers or landfills, we can effectively double our positive impact on the environment. When creating a product using recycled material we are preventing that material from sitting in a landfill or generating carbon via treatment & disposal. If that same recycled materials product is then purchased in replacement of a toxic alternative, we are also preventing new wasteful products from entering the world.

The research & creation of these products doesn't happen overnight. We are working hard to bring as many sustainable alternatives to consumers as possible. If you are interested in our future product offerings, please use the link below to signup for our product launch announcements.


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